Why Is The Garage Door Opener Not Working?

Why Is The Garage Door Opener Not Working?

Oh! My garage door opener not working!!

If your remote garage door opener & all the transmitters stopped working suddenly, don’t panic every problem has a solution. When both your handheld garage door opener transmitter & that one built in the car not working, keep reading.

Probably you thought that the reason is that your transmitter needs to be reprogrammed, so you reprogram it but the issue still the same.

Here is how to re-program your garage door opener:

1.    Press & then release the smart button over your garage door opener motor (you will find it located on the opener itself).

2.    The smart or learn button indicator light will light up for about 20 secs (this button is located on the motor top head next to the terminal strip).

3.    Press & then hold the button on garage door hand held remote control while the smart or learn button is lighting up.

4.    When the lights begin to flash, let go the button on garage door hand held remote control.

5.    Now you reset your garage door opener with new codes.

6.    In case there is no light bulb on your garage door opener, you are going to hear two clicks that confirm your opener reset.

When the garage door opener stops operating suddenly, the main cause of the problem is pretty simple & as well the solution. Here are some of the most common problems, and the repairs for each.

If nothing of the following repairs can fix the problem, it is better to contact a professional tech.

•    The Remote Control Or The Wall Switch

When you press the remote or the wall switch and the garage door doesn’t remove, probably the power source has been cut off in some ways:

-    The motor has been unplugged.

Check that the door opener is well plugged in.

-    The circuit breaker, Fuse, GFCI outlet that powering the garage door has burned out.

You will have to replace the burned fuse or reset the breaker or the GFCI.

-    The garage door motor has burned out & stopped working.

This problem requires a professional person or service to replace it.

There are several solutions behind the wireless remote-control stops functioning the opener as

-    Possibly you are out of the range (move close to the door).

-    The antenna is damaged or not hanged downward.

-    The batter needs to be replaced.

-    The sensitive electronics in the remote lost its programming & need to be reset.

If you can’t figure out what the main cause behind your garage door malfunctioning, give us a call. Our professional techs will help you open your garage door immediately without having to leave your car in the middle of the street.

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